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'Luxury 30' Artificial Grass

£15.30 Per Sqm

Luxury 30 is already a big player among those looking for a realistic, hard-wearing lawn. Check out its natural looking fibres and softness to the touch.

A dense, luxurious, mid pile turf, perfect for a luxurious look and feel. 30mm Artificial Grass made up from 2 shades of green with a brown curly thatch.

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'Luxury 30' Artificial Grass


Luxury 30 Artificial Grass is a dense premium range of grass and is suitable for all locations, made up from 2 shades of green with a brown curly thatch.

Product Features

  • UV stabilised
  • Pet Friendly
  • Total Weight: Approx. 2.362 GSM +/- 10%
  • Pile Height = 30 mm
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Drainage Holes: Yes
  • Non-infill (optional) 6-8kg/m2

Additional information

Weight N/A

2m, 4m


2m x 2m (4m²), 2m x 3m (6m²), 2m x 4m (8m²), 2m x 5m (10m²), 2m x 6m (12m²), 2m x 7m (14m²), 2m x 8m (16m²), 2m x 9m (18m²), 2m x 10m (20m²), 2m x 11m (22m²), 2m x 12m (24m²), 2m x 13m (26m²), 2m x 14m (28m²), 2m x 15m (30m²), 2m x 16m (32m²), 2m x 17m (34m²), 2m x 18m (36m²), 2m x 19m (38m²), 2m x 20m (40m²), 2m x 21m (42m²), 2m x 22m (44m²), 2m x 23m (46m²), 2m x 24m (48m²), 2m x 25m (50m²), 4m x 2m (8m²), 4m x 3m (12m²), 4m x 4m (16m²), 4m x 5m (20m²), 4m x 6m (24m²), 4m x 7m (28m²), 4m x 8m (32m²), 4m x 9m (36m²), 4m x 10m (40m²), 4m x 11m (44m²), 4m x 12m (48m²), 4m x 13m (52m²), 4m x 14m (56m²), 4m x 15m (60m²), 4m x 16m (64m²), 4m x 17m (68m²), 4m x 18m (72m²), 4m x 19m (76m²), 4m x 20m (80m²), 4m x 21m (84m²), 4m x 22m (88m²), 4m x 23m 92m²), 4m x 24m (96m²), 4m x 25m (100m²)


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