Ground Screws

BAYO•S DIY Ground Screws can be installed quickly and easily to provide a strong and level base for garden projects from decking and fencing to sheds and more.

Why Choose DIY Ground Screws for Your Foundations?

Using ground screws means you no longer have to tediously dig holes, remove piles of soil, mix concrete and wait for it to harden. Our ground screws provide a strong, level base more quickly, cost-effectively and without mess or damage to garden spaces or the environment.

Quick & Easy: Ground screws can be installed quickly, without needing to wait on concrete setting

Bayonet System: Our innovative bayonet system allows for easy installation and attaching extensions and fittings. 

Budget Friendly: Easier, faster, and more cost effective than traditional concrete foundations. 

No Digging/No Concrete: Ground screws are installed without digging and damaging your garden or the environment.

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